Many production locations involved in the recent  increase in oil drilling activity have no option but to flare the associated natural gas from separators and storage facilities while awaiting pipeline access.  This gas is often  times heavily laden with natural gas liquids (ngl).  Atlas/HFI  have been involved in numerous placements of natural gas stripping units to convert waste gases into a revenue stream.

These gas streams can often yield anywhere from  6-9 gallons/mcf of ngl’s;  thus  a waste stream  of 250 -500 mcfd  can give up roughly 1300-2500 bbl/month.  At $40-45/bbl currently,   the results can be very rewarding.  Atlas can provide the plant, compression, storage, and installation of the needed equipment with operations to assist in converting flares to dollars.

The remaining residual gas, or tailgate, can be used for fuel gas for the client or fuel for generators to provide electricity for lease use.  A related environmental  benefit, of course, is a reduction in gas that was previously going to flare.