Charles Herzfeld

Charles Herzfeld, President and CEO of Herzfeld Fabricators, Inc. has been involved in the industry since he was 12 years old.

A graduate of UT/Austin, he served 4 years as an officer in the U.S. Navy and returned to the company to begin building a natural gas compressor rental business in the Fort Worth Basin.

After selling this division in 2000, he turned the company’s attention to building gas compressors for sale and installing refrigerated natural gas processing plants.

Contact him to get a consultation on how to turn your stranded gas streams into revenue.

Atlas Process Innovations, LLC. is a division of Herzfeld Fabricators, Inc., a company that has been in the natural gas compressor packaging industry for over 50 years. API was established to address the growing concern of protecting our environment from the emissions associated with the production of oil and natural gas.   Using it’s expertise in gas compressor design and automated controls, API is in a position to assist it’s clients in designing the necessary equipment to reduce VOC’s and greenhouse gases that put the client in tenable situations with the controlling authorities and environmental regulations. The equipment can include vapor recovery compression, flares, containment, and even gas stripping units and natural gas powered generating equipment to use waste gas to generate additional revenue. API is also associated with companies that can oversee all of the requirements to be in complete compliance with these regulations.